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A career with Orchid Care can be incredibly rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. There are many reasons why you should consider joining our family of carers.


1. Make a Difference

As an Orchid carer, you will thrive in knowing that you make a real, positive difference in the lives of people living in your community every day.

2. Training and development

We promote a supportive workplace culture that will encourage you to improve your knowledge. We offer regular training sessions as well as opportunities to gain career-boosting qualifications.

3. Flexibility

Working in care offers a level of flexibility that lets you work around your commitments. We’re always happy to look into how we can accommodate our team member’s needs.

4. Job Security and Satisfaction

Like many of our clients, we love to see the same friendly faces every day! We aim to keep our carers happy and motivated so they stay with us as long as possible. We listen, so you can always approach us with any problems or concerns.

5. Create Connections

Taking on a deeply personal role, many of our carers build close relationships and lifelong friendships with our clients and their families, as well as fellow carers.

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